Eurika Jankauskaite

Eurika is RYT 200, RPYT and certified Restorative Yoga Teacher. She received her certifications thru Bloom Yoga Studio. Over the years, Eurika’s background in philosophical studies naturally guided her to explore and deepen the physical practice of yoga. With every return to the mat, the realization that this practice is a very profound discipline permeated her thinking. Yoga opened her to live her life with greater joy, increased self-awareness and better health.

The teacher training programs have prepared Eurika to pursue her natural calling, to help people feel happier and healthier, by maintaining the balance between the physical body and the mind thru the practice of yoga. Eurika believes, balance is not something to be attained, but rather, something to be maintained throughout one’s life.

Her classes are based on the teachings of Classical Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, they encompass a fusion of contemporary branches to best serve both the body and mind of today’s modern world. To create a holistic and sustainable class, Eurika invokes various elements of practice, including–asana, pranayama and meditation. She approaches the practice of yoga by creating a non-competitive space where everyone can feel safe and secure. Inside her classroom the space is used to empower and inspire her students to take responsibility for their own physical and mental health.

She strongly believes that yoga is in everybody and yoga is for everybody. It is a very powerful gateway to one’s personal transformation..

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