Sharon Wentz

From her parents’ basement in the apple orchards of Washington, Sharon discovered her love of yoga. Practicing with her mom and sisters as a teenager, she was drawn to its challenging yet tranquil nature. Yoga has been a helpful aid in keeping a grounded perspective, learning to enforce self-compassion, and practicing the art of letting go. Awakening to her path in yoga has not only allowed her to find balance, it’s been a great healer and source of inspiration in all aspects of her life.

Sharon has been teaching yoga in Chicago since 2004. An Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, she graduated from Eight Limbs Yoga Center in 2004, and The Temple of Kriya Yoga in 2006. Passionate about yoga she continues to pursue a deeper knowledge of the eight limbs of yoga. Though Sharon is a Classical Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, her style is one that gathers intelligence from many schools of yoga and is non-dogmatic. She enjoys building heat in her practice, facing fears, and cultivating deeper mental and physical awareness.

Yoga has been by her side through both challenging times and the happiest of times; it has been a source of strength, and celebration. Its non-judgmental philosophy receives you as you are, and lifts you to your truth. Sharon aspires to share all that yoga has meant to her with each of her students.

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