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Bloom 7 years later

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November marks seven years since my husband Zach and I opened Bloom Yoga Studio, and I've been thinking about all that's changed (and all that hasn't) since then.

In those early days, Zach and I logged long hours 7 days a week behind the front desk getting to know all the wonderful people who came through our doors. Though we're not behind the front desk as much these days, we're still scurrying around behind the scenes and love every opportunity we get to connect with students and massage clients. With our fabulous front desk managers now holding down the fort, we've been able to continually revisit our mission statement in order to keep Bloom growing.

Our mission when we opened was to make yoga more accessible and less intimidating, and to provide a space where people could pursue health and happiness in their daily life. That mission is as strong as ever and still informs the decisions we make on a daily basis.

Over the past couple of years we've reached out to the community to bring yoga outside the studio via our Bloom Workplace Wellness programs, and it has been so rewarding to see students who may have otherwise never tried yoga benefit from the practice.

This fall we started our first yoga teacher training program to help dedicated practitioners share their love of the yoga tradition with clarity. Though we're only a month into the program, I've found the process to be energizing and exciting, and I'm so proud of the work our pioneer trainees have done so far.

Our original crew of instructors and massage therapists was small but mighty. Over the years our staff has grown and we've been proud to get to know so many stellar instructors, massage therapists, and managers. We're grateful for all who have been part of our team. They truly are what makes Bloom special.

Many of our current students and massage clients have been with us from the very beginning, and others have so seamlessly become part of the Bloom community that I can't remember them ever not being here. We've been lucky enough to see many families grow, and as Zach and I welcomed our own two children into the world, our fabulous Bloom friends have been incredibly loving with them (even when they are loud during savasana....sorry).

The circumstances of all of our lives have changed over the past seven years, and together our community has shared good times and come together during difficult ones. But at the core Bloom has remained a friendly place where a wonderful group of people gather together to pursue a happier and healthier existence. I couldn't be more proud to be part of that mission.

Big, big thanks to all of our Bloom friends. And here's to many more years of yoga, massage, health, and happiness!

Kerry is the Founder & Director of Bloom Yoga Studio, voted Best Yoga Studio in the Chicago Reader, Chicago Magazine, and Citysearch. As a practicing yogi, writer, and mother of three, Kerry is all about making the principles and philosophies of yoga real and accessible for day-to-day living. You can find Kerry on Google+.


  • Karen Halverson Tuesday, 01 November 2011

    Congratulations to you and to Zach! Bloom Studio is such a wonderful addition to the Ravenswood Gardens/Manor nieghborhood and thank you for your continued support of Waters Elementary School!!! Wishing you many more anniversaries ahead!

  • Delia Tuesday, 01 November 2011

    Thanks for such a nice post Kerry. This February will mark my 5th anniversary with Bloom and as you said, it seems I can hardly remember a time when the studio wasn't an important part of my life. Excellent yoga instruction, but even more, its great people making great community. You've helped enrich so many lives along the way, and I wish you and Bloom the very best in coming years!

  • Kerry Maiorca Wednesday, 02 November 2011

    Thanks so much, Delia! It's always a pleasure to see you and we're so happy to have you as part of the community. Wow, 5 years.....times flies!

  • Kerry Maiorca Wednesday, 02 November 2011

    Thanks, Karen! We feel lucky to be part of this incredible neighborhood and we're grateful for the support of our neighbors. It's great to know that anytime I walk to Bloom I'll get to share a smile, a wave, and/or a conversation with a friend on my way there. I've never lived or worked in a more welcoming place. And we're always happy to support our wonderful neighborhood school!

  • Marco Torres Thursday, 03 November 2011

    Congratulations Kerry! Even though I haven't seen you or Zachary for such a long time, I've watched the growth through the newsletter. You should be proud of all the two of you have accomplished!

  • Kerry Maiorca Friday, 04 November 2011

    Thanks, Marco! It has been too long. Is that a baby I see? Congrats!

  • Marco Torres Friday, 04 November 2011

    Yes. Our one and only. 8 1/2 mo. Two little ones for you I see- nice looking family.

  • Kerry Maiorca Saturday, 05 November 2011

    He's super cute, that's one stylin' hat. I hope all is well with you and your family. Be sure to swing by if you're ever in Chicago!

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