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Fear no yoga teaching

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As Bloom's very first teacher trainees came through the doors last Thursday evening, I felt as excited and nervous as they did. I still vividly remember the jittery feeling of committing to my first teacher training. I signed up though I wasn’t sure I was ready for it, though the thought of standing up in front of a group of people to call out yoga poses terrified me. There were so many gaps between what I knew about yoga when I started and what I would need to learn in order to become a yoga teacher. I couldn’t even articulate what I didn’t know, and had no idea how to get from where I was to where I wanted to be.

I've experienced this same overwhelmed feeling at the start of many big projects I've undertaken - from writing projects, to opening the studio, to changing long-held habits. I knew where I was when I began, but I didn't know exactly where I would end up, so it was daunting to figure out what steps to take in order to get to the desired goal.

My method used to be procrastination; when a big deadline loomed, I would wait until the last minute and then just cram to get it over with. But through the process of becoming a dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher, I’ve come to realize that the big ‘a-ha!’ moment I'm seeking in my work, relationships, and creative undertakings is just one of the many moments of effort I have put in over time. When we see our lives as a string of moments rather than a bunch of isolated high points, we realize that each small step is essential and meaningful, and there are no shortcuts when it comes to doing great work.

Our fabulous trainees have already started their work, they have already committed to consistent effort. They taught each other a few poses on the very first night of the teacher training program! I was so pleased with their courage, playfulness, and support of their fellow trainees. I remember how terrifying it was to teach for the first time in my own teacher training program. It’s scary to do something you don’t yet have experience in, but the only way to get the experience and confidence you need is by doing. Whatever your goal, however daunting the project, the path requires nothing more (or less) than consistent work, one moment at a time.

Kerry is the Founder & Director of Bloom Yoga Studio, voted Best Yoga Studio in the Chicago Reader, Chicago Magazine, and Citysearch. As a practicing yogi, writer, and mother of three, Kerry is all about making the principles and philosophies of yoga real and accessible for day-to-day living. You can find Kerry on Google+.