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Zach and I went to see our friend and fellow Bloomie, Robyn Okrant, in a fabulous storytelling event the other night. Robyn told an alternately hysterical and disturbing tale about her childhood fear of stuffed animals, and the whole event hit home why I love writing, reading, and the creative process in general: I also had a childhood fear of being murdered in my sleep.

I take great pleasure in the writing process, always have, and even in recent years as my energies have been pulled in many directions between the studio, my family, and trying to find time for myself, I have consistently made room for writing in some form or another. Often that only goes so far as recording something endearing the kids have said, but I like to think that because I carried them for nine months each I’m partly responsible for gems like Sabrina saying ‘my mouth is yummy’ while eating chocolate cake.

The creative process can be a thrill and a completely frustrating bore, often switching from one extreme to the other within moments. It requires practice and practice and a little space and then some more practice. But when it comes together and you transform an idea that was born in your brain into a flowing sequence of words that produce a shared experience, it's just the best. It's the in-between moments when a piece hasn’t come together yet that you simultaneously experience exhilaration and terror. But like yoga, my creativity practice has proven that the best remedy is to be okay with what is and to step back and allow things to work themselves out. The creative process is like tight hamstrings in a forward bend, there’s just no forcing it.

I love writing my Thinking Yogi posts, and have been feeling an itch to do more. But like many writers, I need deadlines and goals in order to complete a project. So, when we planned Creativity in Bloom at the studio I figured it was the perfect opportunity for me to commit to putting something together. That was months ago and I’m still not sure what I’ll be reading at the event (spoiler alert – it may involve a kite) but I’m counting on the fact that my creativity practice will come through again so I’ll have something cohesive to share with my Bloom friends. Either that or I will read aloud from the dictionary. The show must go on.

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