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As a kid I was known to lie upside down on our stairs for hours. I spent plenty of time standing on my hands and doing all kinds of weird stretchy tricks, all within the context of gymnastics or ballet or whatever sport I was pursuing at the moment. I look back fondly on my active childhood, but as we've recently started a new Tween Yoga workshop at Bloom, I've been considering how my tweenaged life would have been different had I had yoga during those delicate years.

Maybe I would have learned how to avoid getting stressed out over homework and tests. Perhaps I would have used deep breathing and relaxation techniques after a fight with a friend rather than wallowing in hurt feelings or turning to junk food. I imagine my time on the mat would have helped me develop the self-confidence to stop worrying how I measured up to other girls. While I'm pretty sure yoga would have been no match for the powers of teen acne, pretty much every other aspect of my day-to-day existence would have been better with yoga.

I'm starting early with my own two kids. They're many years away from tweendom but I regularly welcome them to join me on the mat when I practice at home. Having a yoga teacher for a mom means that you learn down dog before you can even talk, but I take care not to force it on them. Instead, when I'm feeling stressed and just need some time to reconnect I tell them that I need to practice yoga because it helps me to feel better. When they get frustrated to the point of losing control, I hug them close and suggest they take a couple of deep breaths to calm down. I'm planting the seeds for them to come to the practice when they decide it will be helpful. If you love yoga, and you love a tween, I invite you to find the places where those two loves meet. Yoga + Tweens = Awesome.

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