Our most cost-effective option if you take more than 1 class per week

Try new classes and teachers to your heart's content, all without ever having to worry about how many classes you have left. Bloom Membership allows you to attend unlimited yoga classes for $99 per month. If you take more than 1 class per week, this is the best deal around!

In addition to unlimited yoga classes, members also receive:

Quarterly members-only specialty workshops

Complimentary yoga mat storage and rental

5 guest passes annually

10% discount on workshop registration

10% off store purchases (including books, props & clothing)

Special access to members-only sales and discounts

It's Easy! Here's how it works

You provide your credit card information and we set up an automatic monthly payment for a minimum of 3 months. Once the 3-month commitment is met, membership continues on a month-to-month basis until notice is given in writing.

Putting your membership on hold

Memberships may be put on hold for a minimum of 14 days and a maximum of three months. Your payment and expiration dates will shift by the number of days of your suspension. If you choose to put your membership on hold more than once per year we charge a $20 administrative fee. Please notify us in writing with 14 days notice for your hold request.

Memberships may not be applied to workshops, massage, or special events. Memberships and member discounts are for use by purchaser only and may not be shared with other students.

"Becoming a Bloom member has expanded my practice. Instead of attending classes by the same instructors, I've been mixing it up, dropping in when a window in my schedule opens. Every instructor challenges you in different ways--whether through their approach to poses, their meditative practice, or their explanation of asanas. There is always something to learn in this practice. The positive effect on my well-being and my deepened understanding of yoga is undeniable. I am so glad I joined the studio!"

- Eileen Favorite
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