Why bring Yoga to Work?

As studies supporting the benefits of yoga and meditation accumulate, forward-thinking companies are realizing that healthy employees are more productive and better-equipped to navigate the challenges of their workday.

Whether you choose to promote a culture of health with a lunchtime yoga series to your office, or decide to foster relaxation and well-being by bringing chair massage to employees, Bloom Workplace Wellness programs promote well-being and stress relief, resulting in happier and healthier employees.

Benefits to Companies

Bloom Workplace Wellness programs benefit companies as well as individual employees. Companies may save money and improve office culture simply by promoting an environment of health and wellbeing for employees in the workplace. Our programs can provide the following immediate and long-term benefits to companies and their employees:

  • Reduction of workers’ compensation claims
  • Enhanced employee loyalty and interpersonal relationships
  • Lowered health insurance costs

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