Woven Wisdom: Foundations of Ayurveda for Yoga Instructors and Experienced Students

Woven Wisdom: Foundations of Ayurveda for Yoga Instructors and Experienced Students

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Foundations of Ayurveda for Yoga Instructors and Experienced Students

For centuries, yoga and ayurveda have been taught and practiced in tandem. Often referred to as sister sciences, they are truly two sides of the same coin: yoga as a practice of self realization and Ayurveda as a practice of self-healing.

Many yoga instructors are well-versed in the teachings of yoga, but few understand its deep ties to the wisdom of Ayurveda. Join Zach Zube, yoga instructor and Ayurvedic Health Counselor, to weave the threads of the two traditions together.

The workshop and full day intensive includes an introduction to ayurvedic concepts, ayurvedically-inspired asana practices, and group discussion and critical thinking exercises. Zach places precedence on the practical application of ayurvedic philosophy so you leave the weekend with tangible, usable, and effective tools to apply to your personal practice and integrate into your teaching.

Over the course of the day, you will:

  • Gain proficiency with the foundational principles of Ayurveda
  • Explore how to sequence for season, time of day, and age-group
  • Deepen your understanding of yoga through Ayurveda
  • Practice asana sequences informed by ayurvedic wisdom
  • Advance your skills as a teacher and practitioner of yoga
  • Upon completion, your foundational knowledge of Ayurveda will help you better understand your personal practice as well as the needs of your students. No previous Ayurvedic training or knowledge is required. This intensive is designed to enhance your skills as a yoga instructor; it is not a professional certification in Ayurveda.

    Experienced students welcome.

    This workshop is eligible for 7 Continuing Education (CE) credits in accordance with Yoga Alliance standards. See YogaAlliance.org for more information. All hours are contact hours.

    Props and required handouts will be included.

    Recommended Text:

    Yoga and Ayurveda by David Frawley

    Zach Zube, Yoga Instructor

    Ayurvedic Health Counselor

    Zach Zube roots his teaching in the wisdom of yoga, ayurveda, and tantra to support the growth and healing of students with the practices he has found so beneficial in his own life. Through classes, private consultations, workshops and immersions, he provides challenging, authentic, and transformative experiences that lead to stability, radiance, and clarity.

    Zach teaches a breath-centered practice, whether gentle or vigorous, and the subtle influence of the Feldenkrais Method and years of training as a modern dancer lend to creative and effective sequencing. As an Ayurvedic Health Counselor (650 hours), he crafts therapeutic sequences to manage specific imbalances due to lifestyle, season, and age. With gratitude to brilliant teachers, over 10 years experience, and 1,200 hours of training, Zach can meet the unique needs of each student.