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About Us

About Us

Kerry and Zach Maiorca are the husband and wife tag team behind Bloom Yoga Studio. Consistently voted Best Yoga Studio in Chicago, Bloom has been a local favorite since opening its doors in Lincoln Square in 2004. And as a proud independent small business, Bloom is all about community and creating a welcoming, accessible, and unintimidating space for wellbeing.

Bloom was founded on the belief that while yoga is for anyone, too often not everyone feels comfortable walking through the doors of a yoga studio. We actively work to make yoga more accessible to all students, whether new to yoga or experienced. Whatever your age, gender, sexuality, skin color, body size, ability, or beliefs - you are welcome at Bloom.

What We Love About Yoga

We believe yoga doesn’t have to be something intimidating, exotic, or complicated. The essence of yoga boils down to the practice of being present in the moment. By practicing yoga poses and observing your breath, you can learn to pay attention to what’s going on right now rather than dwelling on the past or the future. Life's richness lies here in the present and that's something worth pursuing, even if it is sometimes challenging!

All Ages & Stages


At Bloom, we have classes for students of all ages and levels of fitness. With the help of our skilled instructors, both beginners and more seasoned practitioners will feel welcome. Our varied offerings include daily yoga classes and special workshops, a variety of massage styles, workshops and classes for families, and a store with books, yoga props and accessories, music, clothing, and gifts.

We’re your friendly spot for yoga, massage, and much more. See you soon in Bloom!

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