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200 Hour Training

Become a Skillfull Yoga Teacher

We believe that yoga teacher training is about so much more than learning to teach down dog. Bloom's well-respected Yoga Alliance registered 200 hour program will empower you to better understand the depth of the yoga tradition while learning to apply it to your own life.

Prenatal Yoga Training

Get Certified to Teach Prenatal Yoga

Are you ready to expand your reach to serve pregnant individuals and become more marketable as a yoga teacher?

Prenatal Yoga is now routinely recommended by doctors and midwives, and our 85 hour Prenatal Yoga Alliance Registered program will give you the skills, confidence, and credentials you need to get out there and start teaching prenatal classes! Come study at Chicago’s top studio for prenatal yoga and learn from the best.

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Kid's Yoga 2.JPG

Children's Yoga Training

Good Seeds Yoga 95 Hour Children’s Yoga Teacher Training

This comprehensive, Yoga Alliance Registered training will guide you to deepen your own relationship to yoga while learning how to transmit its tremendous benefits to children of all ages. You will learn the anatomy of yoga poses, how to practice and lead meditation, guided relaxation, and breathing techniques, fundamental child development, and strategies for creating a cooperative class environment.

Gentle & Restorative Yoga Training

Anyone who loves Gentle & Restorative yoga will tell you that a softer approach to practice is not necessarily easier. And when teaching these increasingly popular styles, there's a lot to consider and manage simultaneously.

Gentle Doesn't Mean Easy

Gentle Yoga is a mindful practice that combines elements of Level 1 and Restorative classes. A gentle class incorporates some active work to build strength and mobility, while also carving out ample time and space to rest deeply in comfortably supported restorative poses. This holistic yet practical approach offers a satisfying balance to students of all stages of life and levels of experience with yoga.

Learn Advanced Skills to Teach Restorative Yoga

Are your yoga students feeling overwhelmed and stressed out? Do they have difficulty sleeping? Do they leave class before savasana?

Sometimes traditional Western remedies for stress fall short of our expectations. Learning how to relax can support the healing process. Restorative yoga is a practice of conscious, supported relaxation that is quiet yet powerful. Incorporating restorative yoga into your life can also spark creativity and problem-solving, enhance focus, and fortify emotional wellbeing.

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