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Workplace Wellness

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Remain mindful in the workplace

Bloom Workplace Wellness brings Bloom Yoga Studio’s welcoming and effective approach to well-being right into your workplace. Our friendly and professional staff bring years of expertise and passion for their work, and we excel at customizing our offerings for the individual needs of each client.

Whether you’d like to offer a post-work yoga series, mini-mindfulness sessions, or an afternoon of chair massage for employees, we can work with you to create a program that's right for your office culture.


"Bloom Workplace Wellness provided a tailor-made program that was a perfect fit for our audience. The faces of participants in the first yoga class said it all – this was a transformative moment. Very highly recommended!”

—Jean Sousa, Art Institute of Chicago

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Our Services


Bloom Workplace Wellness programs bring our signature down-to-earth approach to wellness into your office environment. See below for an overview of some of our most popular packages. Please contact us for an experience customized for your needs.

Clear, Calm & Comfortable: Wellbeing at your Desk

Simple yoga-inspired movements and breath-based mindfulness exercises customized for desk workers, to alleviate the discomfort and postural impact associated with sitting and device usage.

Lunch & Learn: Creating Self-Care Routines that Work

Combines a Wellbeing at your Desk session with an engaging talk and PowerPoint presentation on what self-care means, why it’s so hard to commit to, and how to identify an approach that works for you.

Yoga on the Mat

A yoga class for all levels of experience designed to promote physical well-being while relieving stress.

Relax and Unwind: Chair Massage

Targeted 10-minute chair massage sessions that will efficiently and effectively provide relief from the shoulder, back, and neck pain that so often plagues desk workers.

Wellness Day

Yoga and chair massage for team-building events or employee retreats. A perfect taste of health and well-being that will complement any group event.


Ensure the wellbeing continues! Our video tutorials and step-by-step guides are must-have tools to create a culture of wellness.

Additional resources to maximize your investment:

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Why bring yoga to work?

As studies supporting the benefits of yoga and meditation accumulate, forward-thinking companies are realizing that healthy employees are more productive and better equipped to navigate the challenges of their workday.

Whether you choose to promote a culture of health with a lunchtime yoga series to your office, or decide to foster relaxation and well-being by bringing chair massage to employees, Bloom Workplace Wellness programs promote well-being and stress relief, resulting in happier and healthier employees.

Benefits to Companies

Bloom Workplace Wellness programs benefit companies as well as individual employees. Companies may save money and improve office culture simply by promoting an environment of health and wellbeing for employees in the workplace. Our programs can provide the following immediate and long-term benefits to companies and their employees:

  • Reduction of workers’ compensation claims

  • Enhanced employee loyalty and interpersonal relationships

  • Lowered health insurance costs

Getting Started

Let us help you bring wellness into your workplace!

After just a quick conversation, we can provide a customized quote based on your organization's needs.

We handle all the logistics and scheduling, and can provide you with a Certificate of Insurance for your program upon request. You may breathe a little more deeply, knowing that you're in good hands with our friendly and professional staff.


Get your Customized Quote

Contact us at 773-463-9642 or via email for your customized quote. We look forward to working with you!

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