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Bloom's classes are taught in the Hatha yoga tradition with an emphasis on healthy alignment. Hatha yoga refers to the physical practice of yoga, meaning the practice of poses and observance of breath as a means to health and peace of mind. Class levels are intended to be an indicator of pacing and the amount of detailed instruction provided. Each of our teachers brings their own unique blend of experience, focus, and personality to class. We encourage you to check out individual teacher bios to get a better sense of what to expect from class with a particular teacher.

Looking for individualized instruction?

Check out our Private Lessons.

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Level 1

Build a solid foundation in the basic poses. Level 1 classes are appropriate for those who are newer to yoga as well as continuing students who are looking to refine their experience of the core poses. Classes emphasize standing poses, basic sun salutations, gentle backbends and twists, and preparation for inversions. By developing strength, flexibility, and ease in the body, the Level 1 student will explore quieting the mind via brief breath and mindfulness practices. Bloom's Yoga 101 workshop is recommended prior to beginning Level 1 classes, but beginners are welcome.

Level 1-2

Flow through your practice as you deepen your understanding of the poses, breath, and meditation practices of yoga. Level 1-2 classes are geared towards experienced students who are seeking a physically-demanding, yet balanced, practice. Explore sun salutation variations, more vigorous backbends, twists, balance poses, and inversions, as well as breathwork and meditation practices. Prior yoga experience and familiarity with basic poses recommended.

Level 2

Deepen your practice and challenge yourself physically and mentally. For more advanced practitioners, Level 2 classes work from a base of vigorous sun salutations to explore challenging variations of poses, including arm balances, deeper twist variations, standing balance poses, inversions, and backbends. Level 2 teachers are skilled at offering modifications that build towards a pose in a way that is safe and appropriate for each individual student. Breathwork and meditation may also be explored. Proficiency with foundational yoga poses recommended.


Slow down and reap the rewards of a gentle approach to yoga. This class moves at a slower pace to allow for an increased emphasis on breathing and quieting of body and mind. Practiced primarily in seated, reclining, and supine positions, gentle yoga is appropriate for students of all levels, including those who are brand new to yoga, students who are recovering from injuries, as well as continuing yoga students seeking a more introspective practice.

Yoga & Meditation

Integrate the physical benefits of your yoga practice with a dedicated experience of breathwork and meditation. Students are guided through a mindful sequence of yoga poses infused with conscious breathing techniques. Guided meditation practices will be woven into the sequence using a variety of techniques and positions to make this experience of mindfulness more accessible. This class will help you take your practice beyond asana (poses) to find greater peace and calm. No previous meditation experience is necessary, however some prior yoga experience is recommended.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a perfect complement to the dynamic, muscular (yang) styles of yoga that build internal heat and emphasize the lengthening and contracting of muscles. Yin Yoga incorporates long, passive holds in asana (no standing poses) to penetrate the body deeper than the muscle tissue, generally targeting the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. Breathwork and mindfulness techniques are also incorporated to help the student experience peacefulness deep at their core and a sense of heightened energy throughout the entire body. The use of props and modifications makes this class suitable for students of all levels of experience.

Tips for a Better Practice


Keep your digestive system happy:

Avoid eating anything heavy before class

Be an early bird:

Plan on arriving 10 to 15 minutes prior to class

Curb your phone:

Don't be the one whose lovely rendition of Fur Elise interrupts a perfectly nice moment of relaxation

School your teacher:

Before class begins, let your instructor know if you have any injuries or medical conditions, or if you’re pregnant

Dress the part:

Wear comfortable clothes and remove shoes and socks

It’s all about you:

If a pose feels uncomfortable or painful, don’t hesitate to let the teacher know and come out of the pose, even if the rest of the class continues with the sequence

Vin + Yin Yoga

Balance your energy and quiet your mind with this dynamic practice. In the first half of the class you'll move through active yoga poses, linking breath and movement to harness your energy and warm the body. Wind down during the second half of class with a sequence of Yin poses, holding each for several minutes to create a calming, meditative effect. Combining a Vinyasa Flow (yang) and a Yin practice promotes better mobility and strength in your joints, ligaments, and deep connective tissues, while also challenging your mind to stay present. Prior yoga experience and familiarity with basic poses recommended.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga uses a series of simple poses, in which the body is fully supported by props. Each pose is held for an extended period of time once your body is comfortable to promote deep relaxation. Restorative Yoga also helps the body to de-stress, bolsters immunity and helps improve digestion and sleep. Classes are ongoing and pre-registration is not required. This class is appropriate for students of all levels. Props are provided.


Prepare for the birth of your baby and work to alleviate pregnancy-related discomforts by practicing gentle, modified yoga poses and breathing exercises. Prenatal yoga class is a wonderful opportunity for pregnant individuals to connect and celebrate their changing bodies and growing babies. Poses practiced in class aim to build strength and softness simultaneously in preparation for labor. Appropriate for expectant individuals at all stages of pregnancy.

Baby & Me

Bring baby along as you connect with other caregivers and help your body recover from the strains of carrying and caring for a newborn. You'll practice poses that involve and entertain baby while promoting bonding. Take care of yourself and enjoy some social time! Appropriate for caregivers and non-crawling babies. Though class is not overly strenuous, we recommend that postpartum individuals get their midwife or doctor's approval prior to attending.

Parent & Tot

Too busy chasing your toddler to make time for yoga class? Not anymore! Bring your little one (crawling through age 2) for this playful weekly drop-in class that will give you a chance to sneak in some yoga as your child does their own variation of down dog beside you. It's the perfect way to take care of yourself while caring for your child. Meet other parents of toddlers as you stretch, strengthen, and relax and gain tips for how to bring some yoga into your daily life as a parent. For parents & little ones, crawling through age 2. Class fee includes attendance for 1 adult and up to 2 children. Additional children may attend for $8 per child.

Community Class

Recommended for those with some previous experience with yoga, Bloom's Community Class is a mixed level practice taught by our yoga teacher trainees. This class is intended to offer accessible yoga for the community while providing our wonderful teachers-in-training with additional experience teaching in a group class setting. The class will either be taught by a group of up to four teachers who each teach a portion of the class, or it will be taught by a solo instructor. Enjoy a balanced sequence of poses and techniques that offer strength, flexibility, conscious breath, and relaxation, and show your support for the next generation of yoga teachers.


Kids Yoga

Students will practice traditional yoga poses such as Lion, Tree, and Warrior to help them cultivate a deeper understanding of their environment while developing strength, flexibility, coordination and balance - in both body and mind. Poses are taught in a way that encourages creativity and exploration, helping to develop greater self-confidence and self-awareness.


Class may explore breathing techniques that can be used during the school day, at home, or whenever there is a need to calm and hit the reset button. As this is a very playful age, the class focuses on games, imagination, stories, and simple practices to introduce the healthful benefits of yoga.


No previous yoga experience necessary.

See workshop schedule for our next sessions of yoga for kids.

New to Yoga?

Bloom's Yoga 101 Workshop is recommended for those who are just beginning their yoga practice. Yoga 101 provides a solid foundation in the essential poses, preparing students for Level 1 classes.

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Private Lessons

Explore ways to individualize your practice through a private lesson with one of Bloom's teachers. Private lessons allow you the time and individual attention to ask questions about a particular pose, work through challenges, and find modifications that are right for you as an individual. With the teacher's close attention on you in every pose, together you may discover something new that will help to refocus and refresh your practice.

Private Session (60 min)



Semi-Private Session (60 min)

2 - 4 people


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Private Lessons
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