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Bloom is excited to announce two scholarships for our 2024 - 2025

200 hour Hybrid Yoga Teacher Training

Our studio was founded on the belief that yoga can and should be a welcoming and accessible practice for all to pursue greater health and happiness. Since we opened in 2004, we've done our best to embody that vision in a variety of ways, from the language we use, to the imagery we present, to the offerings we open up to our community.

But as we look and listen within the larger yoga community, we know that all unfortunately do not yet feel welcome or have the means to access this transformative practice. Whether in yoga magazines, social media, mainstream media, or otherwise, yoga can be depicted as an exclusive practice on a variety of levels. But yoga is for absolutely everyone, and we consider it our mission to take action to join the movement for change.


We believe that changing the larger perception of who practices yoga begins with the skilled, compassionate person at the front of the room: the teacher. With these scholarships, we hope to elevate the voices and experiences of the wonderfully diverse population of practitioners who may not yet see themselves represented in the larger conversation around yoga, but whose voices and perspectives and practice and presence are so urgently needed.

If this speaks to you, we encourage you to apply. Or please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Scholarship Application Information

  • Scholarship Application Deadline: Applications must be received by August 15, but applications will be reviewed within two weeks of submission and scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis

  • Scholarships available: Two scholarships of $1000 each

  • Selection Process: A panel of Bloom teacher trainers will review all applications and select four finalists. The four finalists will then have a brief phone interview, after which the two scholarship winners will be selected.

  • Selection Criteria: We are seeking applicants who do not feel represented in the the current depiction of yoga practitioners and teachers, whether that refers to skin color, body size, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical ability, socioeconomic status, or otherwise.

  • Criteria for Training: Consistent yoga practice for one year prior to applying, whether in a studio, gym, school, community center, or at home. We ask that all trainees are familiar with the foundational postures and techniques prior to beginning, so the depth of what is being presented resonates in a more impactful way. Trainees must be committed to attending all sessions, and agree to abide by our attendance and make-up policy.


How much will scholarship recipients be responsible for paying?

Full tuition payment is $3,250 for payments made by August 15th, or $3,450 for payments made thereafter. Scholarship recipients will be responsible for the remaining $2,250 - $2,450 of tuition, as well as the cost of required reading books (approximately $300).

When is the remaining tuition due?

The remainder of the tuition payment ($2,250 - $2,450) must be paid in full (or a payment plan must be set up and initial payment must be made) by September 1st.

What is the refund policy?

If we receive written notice of your need to withdraw from the program by September 1st, you may receive a refund minus the $250 non-refundable deposit. Credit card refunds will be subject to an additional 4% processing fee.

What happens to the scholarship if the recipient must withdraw from the program?

If a scholarship must withdraw from the program in advance of the program start date, Bloom will seek to award a scholarship to another applicant. Depending on the circumstances, the withdrawn recipient may be eligible to apply the scholarship towards a future training year, although this is not guaranteed.

We look forward to reading and considering your application!

Please contact us with questions.

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