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Dena Malikowski

At 35 and at the height of her professional career, Dena felt like the stressors of professional and personal life had her in a tailspin. She was barely keeping it together. After stumbling into a yoga studio one Saturday afternoon in search of solace, she found a space where her body and mind could slow down and be present. That was her introduction to yoga and the beginning of a life-long journey of self-discovery.

After 20+ years of practicing and studying yoga, Dena is excited to still be learning. Dena received her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training from Bloom Yoga Studio. Her life experiences and particularly the experience of a changing body have been her greatest teachers influencing and informing her practice and teaching.

In Dena’s class you can expect a warm, welcoming, and mindful place where every student is empowered to use yoga poses and breath techniques to cultivate self-awareness, practice self- acceptance, and learn

Dena Malikowski
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