Eurika Jankauskaite

Eurika Jankauskaite is a registered yoga teacher RYT and registered prenatal yoga teacher RPYT. She holds additional certifications in Pelvic Floor Yoga™, Restorative and Gentle Yoga. Eurika continues her education in the studies of yoga, seeking knowledge and inspiration from sports medicine doctors, movement educators and mature yoga teachers.

Eurika’s dedication and passion for yoga flourished over the years and was inspired by her background in philosophy and cultural studies. With every return to the mat, the realization that this practice is a very profound discipline permeated her thinking. Yoga opened her to live her life with increased self-awareness, better physical and mental health. Her yoga mat has become most trusted refuge from the challenges of a modern day life.

Eurika’s been teaching yoga since 2016. Her teaching style focuses on meeting the needs of a modern day body by creating adoptable practice in efficient, effective and sustainable way. In her class you will find a strong emphasis on function and stability that will inform your movement choices, and better enable you to adapt the method or tradition of yoga you practice.

Throughout the years of personal practice, Eurika has grown a keen affection for the practice of Restorative Yoga. She believes it to hold a sacred power to heal, to restore and to transform both body and mind. Eurika’s intention as a yoga teacher is to create inclusive and non-competitive space where students can empower themselves thru the embodiment journey, whilst discovering the many treasures of this ancient practice for personal inner healing and growth off the mat.


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