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Eurika Jankauskaite

Eurika’s dedication and passion for yoga has flourished over the years as she searches for
the way to fulfill her dharma by serving humanity. She continues to trust daily embodiment
practices to help sustain the balance in a stressed filled modern-day world.

Eurika’s yoga offerings are infused with novelty, diversity and variety. The intention is to
bolster natural curiosity and help build new brain connections, so we can unlearn the
habitual patterns of being and deepen a relationship with our true Self.

For her, a yoga practice has no set expectations or goals to be met, but simply is a unique
individual experience, broadening the possibilities of how we move and exist in the world.
Eurika’s teaching style is informed by classical yoga and modern movement practices,
including somatics like Feldenkrais Method®, Bartenieff and Alexander Technique. Her meditation
offerings are informed by trauma sensitive mindfulness teachings as well as The Realization
Process® technique.

Eurika currently holds additional certifications in Prenatal Yoga and Pelvic Floor YogaTM
along with a deep-rooted passion for Restorative Yoga and guided mindfulness.
She’s been teaching yoga since 2016 and continues her education seeking knowledge and
inspiration from functional movement educators, sports medicine doctors, therapists,
mature yoga and mindfulness teachers alike.

Eurika Jankauskaite
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