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Jessica Gonsiorowski

Born and raised in Germany by a German mom and American father, Jessica enjoyed a multicultural upbringing. Her parents focused on a wholesome education and felt the passion and importance of traveling and experiencing other countries cultures. She believes this has given her the urge to seek new adventures and having an open mind and heart. Jessica took her first yoga class when she was 19 years old and noticed its uniqueness from the beginning. In her late twenties she found her body and mind out of balance which motivated her to a more intensive practice. Being able to relax and letting go of thoughts and stressors, as well as finding inner strength through creating a strong body, enabled her to feel better and reconnect with herself. The ability to be able to stay in the present moment and knowing its importance has been the biggest gift she has received from her practice.

Inspired by a teacher and her talent to teach in such a loving and meaningful way, she decided to take on the 200 hour teacher training herself in 2015 at Bloom Yoga Studio. As a teacher she focuses on the body mind connection, good alignment, creating awareness of personal needs and nourishing the relationship with one's self. She continues to be impressed by the parallels of life on and off the mat and hopes to communicate that within her classes. She strives for her students to have fun and to find their personal practice within her classes and outside of the studio.

Becoming a yoga teacher has filled her life to the fullest and she is overjoyed about how much happiness it has created in her life.

Jessica Gonsiorowski
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