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Margot Greer

Margot was introduced to yoga in 2010 while undergoing chemotherapy, and has since evolved her practice into a form of healing and nurturing to connect with her body. Through her yoga practice, she learned to listen to and love her body, be kind to herself, and accept wherever she was - on and off her mat.

In part due to her own personal experiences with body image over the years, Margot is dedicated to helping people explore their own bodies and experience the healing potential of yoga in an accessible way. She believes that the practice of yoga is a lifelong endeavor that can serve people in a myriad of ways, whether they are seeking to gain strength, flexibility, self-discovery, deepen spirituality, or for physical or emotional healing.

She aspires to bring people together to be physically, mentally and emotionally more attuned with themselves, creating a more present and fulfilling lifestyle for all beings. Margot completed her 200-hour Teacher Training at Tula Yoga Studio in Chicago IL, apprenticing under Rhiannon Kirby.

In the studio, she strives to create a warm and welcoming environment for students to learn and challenge themselves, cultivate mindfulness, and have some fun! She has a passion for teaching intuitive, alignment-focused, vinyasa-based classes, where you can expect an energizing and balanced flow that includes modifications for students of all shapes and levels, with great music to move to.

Margot is also passionate about trauma-sensitive yoga, yoga for cancer patients & survivors, and bringing people of color into the studio and onto their mats.

Margot Greer
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