Martha Mulligan

Through her yoga practice, Martha has learned how to enhance her mental focus, how to alleviate lower back pain and other ailments, and how to achieve equanimity in her daily life. As a yoga teacher, Martha seeks to help her students realize a similar heightened somatic awareness and cerebral calmness through a practice that emphasizes individual alignment, core support and strength, conscientious movement and creative sequencing. Her work for several years as a professional modern dancer and high school teacher inform her teaching practice in more ways than she can enumerate.

Always wanting to delve more deeply into the teaching and learning of yoga, Martha’s passion for yoga continues to grow. She completed her first 200-hour yoga teacher training at the Chicago Yoga Center in 2009 and her second 200-hour yoga teacher training at Bloom Yoga Studio in 2012. When she’s not teaching or practicing yoga, she spends her time caring for her two young daughters, who find ways to test her physical and mental flexibility.


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