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Rebecca Groves

Looking for a reprieve from her endurance training, Rebecca walked into a yoga class at the gym. What she did not expect was for her mind and body to shift so dramatically; from that day forward yoga was a part of her life. Yoga has taught her how to slow down and enjoy each moment, a quote she lives by is “Life life in the moment”.
She turns to her mat often for answers, she believes that through movement the body is able to teach us many things if we are listening. During a debilitating back injury in 2012 yoga was something that she could do to find peace, it strengthened her personal practice as well as her understanding of the body.

As a Registered Yoga Teacher she is able to share her love of yoga with others. She is always looking for playful ways to try new things and venture deeper into the mind and body connection. Her classes fun and energetic with a balance of effort and ease. Her classes are energy-filled yet peaceful Hatha/Vinyasa.

Rebecca Groves
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